Gigs by bam

Powerful App for creative musician & orchester

Gigs by BAM is the first app which makes your life as a musician easier. Organize rehearsals, gigs and your whole band.

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TRACK | Track your BAM case

  • Connect Gigs by BAM to your instrument case
  • Check temperature, humidity and shocks of your instrument
  • Get notified when one of the values falls into the critical range
  • Integrated SIM card with GPS tracking function lets you know where your instrument is at all times
  • Integrated theft protection: if your instrument is lost or stolen, you can give the police precise information about its whereabouts

CONNECT | Organize your bands

Your profile and people:

  • With our revamped Connect feature, you can create your own profile and share publicly or exclusively in your groups. Show other musicians who you are, add information about you, your favorite bands, instruments you play and much more.
  • From now on, other musicians will find the photos you have posted publicly and can get in touch with you.
  • In the people search, you can easily filter by city and instrument group to meet other musicians who match you or your band.


  • In the shouts you can now find all the posts of musicians from all over the world.
  • All public posts and those of your group members are shown here. Only you can see the posts of your group.
  • Post your own update (text or image) publicly or to your group.
  • Click on other musician’s profile and learn more about the person directly here.


  • Chat with other musicians or with your own bandmates.
  • Send private messages or create group chats with as many users as you like.
  • Get notified when your messages are received


  • Join a group or create a new one
  • Invite your band to your group with your personalized code
  • Name the group after your band and change the profile picture of your group
  • Organize your band, your orchestra at any time and use the gigs function for your band dates

STAGE | Stay up to date on music

In this section you will have exclusive access to tutorials, news, articles and videos on all areas of music. Curated and edited for you by music lovers and industry experts.

Beautiful User Interface

New Bam Tracker

The new Gigs by Bam tracker will be the next generation of hardware! With a highly improved GPS and sensor functionality for temperature and humidity, we assure the client a trustworthy monitoring of the instrument. Additionally we add a shock functionality, that shows if and when the instrument case has been handled roughly.

It also sends push notifications for this as for the other values. Moreover, the users can set their own threshold values, in order to decide by themselves which environment is best for the specific instrument. We are happy to provide the full new functionality in the app soon!

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